A downloadable game for Windows

Heavily inspired by the DOS game Paganitzu, Gone was created as a personal tribute for all the hours I spent playing it.

Controls are the arrow keys and R to reset the level.

The challenges I took on board for this were limiting the palette to four colours and attempting to give it a Film Noir kinda feel.

Sadly this is a silent game, and I didn't manage to keep this to just the weekend but spent around 24ish hours on it over the last week. I used Game Maker and Photoshop to create this.

Update(21.02.2015): Picked up a midi keyboard today so I thought that I may as well throw some tunes to it, so as now you can enjoy the sounds of some smooth somethings while trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Ludum Dare link:


Gone.rar 5 MB

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